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Yeebee's World is a new company dedicated to teaching languages via vocabulary. Our program is based on E.E.C.V.® [Education , Entertainment, Culture, and Values]. We work in schools, and are now offering our products at home via our online store.

We welcome you to Yeebee's World!


E.E.V.C. - A new approach to learning

E.E.C.V.™ is a new trend in the development of educational products reflecting a commitment to build programs that meet the needs and wants of both children and adults while simultaneously reflecting our society’s core principals as well as its diverse nature.

In the story of Yeebee, each member of the Council of Elders represents one of these core principles, summed up as E.E.C.V. ™. At home on planet Bugwa, the council of Elders is interested in studying human culture and values as a means to advance their own young planet. Each Yeebee’s World adventure begins with the Elders giving Yeebee his specific mission, which always include all of the core principles.

  • Education means a clear and consistent focus on the pedagogical objectives of vocabulary development, stimulating creativity, promoting investigation, and developing computer literacy.

  • Entertainment results from story lines, illustrations, animation, sounds, and activities that capture children’s interest and motivate participation within the program’s engaging and interactive format.
  • Culture emerges from the inclusion of multi-national icons, regional music, geographic photography, and a multi-racial cast of characters.
  • Values develop through the integration of internationally accepted concepts like responsibility, humility, respect, and friendship into all aspects of the program.

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